Common App: The Ins and Outs of College Applications


For many senior students, the college application process can be stressful. However, there are ways to make the process more approachable. The most prevalent way to help senior students is a website called “Common App”. This is a program that provides you with all of the basic information required for a general college application.

You can select specific colleges and any additional information required by the college will also be provided. Deadlines, links to external programs, and a large variety of colleges make it easier to apply.


1. Make an account with Common App at You will sign up with an email and password of choice.

2. Once you have created an account you will be brought to a page that displays 5 separate tabs which are labeled Dashboard, My Colleges, Common App, College Search, and Financial Aid Resources. You can start by clicking on the College Search tab and search and select as many schools you would like to apply to and add them to your list by clicking the + button next to the schools name (You can always add or remove schools).

3. After selecting your schools of choice you can move on to the Common App tab. This tab will be where you input most of your personal information including things like your family’s academic history, your academic history, testing history/scores, and activities that will be beneficial to your application.

4. Once a green check mark appears next to each section within the Common App tab you can switch over to your My Colleges tab and each individual college on your list will have any additional information you need to fill out like extra writing requirements or supplements.

5. At this point your college applications should be ready for submission unless you fit the requirements to apply for financial aid. In the case that you do you should click on the Financial Aid Resources Tab and follow the instructions.

6. After applications are submitted be sure to stay up to date on your application status by checking your emails from the school to see if there’s any follow up information that needs to be completed and submitted.

Tips and Tricks From Our Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselor Jill Pepe has been coming to senior English classes this past week and presenting a PowerPoint. So, in case that you missed Pepe’s presentation, here is what you need to know.

  • Make sure you’re setting yourself goals and or interviews; pick a date when you want to have your essay done or your application submitted and work towards your goal.
  • You always have scholarship opportunities; there’s a scholarship out there for everyone so do your research!
  • Lastly, if you qualify for the Bright Futures scholarship you MUST apply for financial aid even if you don’t qualify.