DECA Power Trip 2021

DECA Power Trip 2021

Gia D'Attile, Staff Writer

The members of our DECA club aren’t always all about business. On their most recent power trip to Chicago, Illinois the students enrolled in the club enjoyed both business and the popular attractions throughout the city.​​ Their trip began when they took off out of Fort Lauderdale Airport bright and early on November 11th.

On their field trip to the Windy City the members of DECA alongside their advisors toured many famed places. They kicked off their trip by visiting the historical financial district, the heart of Chicago’s economic activities. After a brisk tour and a chilling afternoon they warmed up by stopping by the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, one of the largest Starbucks’ in the world.

Sipping on their coffee and hot cocoa everyone made their way to the most recognizable art installation in Chicago, Cloud Gate, also known as the famous bean. Here students were given a brief chance to take photos in front of the giant silver kidney bean. They then ended their day by visiting the Navy Pier, another top attraction located in Chicago.

The second day was easily the most bone-chilling day of the trip. It began at Willis Tower which is a 1,450 foot skyscraper and is known for its completely glass observation deck called the Skydeck. Students took photos on the intimidating Skydeck and enjoyed a relatively relaxing morning… that was until they proceeded to their next scheduled activity, the Chicago River.

The weather started out as a light flurry but quickly escalated to half frozen rain and painful wind. “I was so cold that I sat in the bathroom for an hour drinking hot chocolate, I was literally spilling hot chocolate on everyone because my hands were shaking,” said senior Kayla Davis. Rather than attending a warmer activity they proceeded to go ice skating after shuffling off of the riverboat. Afterwards, the group joined the rest of the hockey fans in town and watched Chicago’s home team the Blackhawks.

On their final day of getting to explore the Windy City they were able to take a walking tour of the University of Chicago. The old brick buildings and the colorful leaves caught the eye of many seniors who were a part of this trip. Finally, getting a chance to stay warm, everyone enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry where they were able to wander at their own pace. After two exhausting days of non-stop activities some students chose to take a nap wherever they could while others enjoyed the installations at the museum. Capping off their last day the students were finally able to rest their feet on a bus tour.

After speaking to some students on the trip, the overall consensus was that it was an amazing trip to experience both the city of Chicago and bonding with the group. “It was the best trip of my entire life, I made so many lifelong memories,” said senior Katie Foster.