Windows 11 Pros and Cons


Cameron Khouri, Staff Writer

Microsoft’s brand new flagship operating system, Windows 11 has been a very controversial topic. Some think it’s an amazing upgrade over Windows 10. Other believe it’s terrible. Here are the differences.Windows 11 features a brand new more user-end interface, trying to build on simplicity. It contains basic drivers, much like Windows 10, they still have not included main-stream driver updates for your hardware with Windows update yet, unlike MacOS. Windows 11 is much more like Windows 10.5 so far, here is the basic comparison:Pros:

  • Auto High-Dynamic Range makes Videos & Video Games look more vibrant
  • Direct Storage helps your Graphics Card & Storage Drive communicate faster
  • More user friendly, those who are not as tech savvy can use Windows 11 & figure it out pretty quickly compared to Windows 10
  • Updated virus protection, this includes TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) which is a security chip in your computer.

Microsoft states that Windows 11 will feature better performance. A showcase done by Microsoft shows that with the Processor running at 90% utilization opening Excel still was fast despite there being a multitude of intensive programs in the background.This works by a “favorite system,” the programs in the background will be slowed down or paused automatically to free up energy in the computer, allowing foreground tasks to launch quicker. The new favorite system should help those with slower computers or those who multitask on their computers.


  • You can no longer sync background wallpapers across your devices
  • Internet Explorer is gone
  • Math Input Panel is gone (Was used to write math with touch screen displays)
  • 3D Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D & Skype are gone.
  • Only select Computers with TPM 2.0 is compatible with Windows 11.

Final Take:

Windows 11 is great if you want to try it out. Currently, there are not many issues with it, but it is brand new so expect bugs such as when you open multiple windows of file explorer, when closed they don’t free up memory, causing a major slowdown and a need to restart the computer (this is known as a Memory Leak). If your computer does not support windows 11 yet due to it not having TPM 2.0, there are extenders that you can buy online if you know how to install it.