Buckets or no buckets?: The future of basketball


Smiles emerge as player for the CSC girls Basketball team get ready to play a home game last year. Lead by head coach Kate Hearn, the Panthers hope to seek a win. “This team is special and they have what it takes to win” former student Kirsten Woods said.

Jordan Woods, Staff Writer

As we all know some of us may be returning to physical school. Also most sports are returning too, but what about basketball?

To start off, Boys varsity head coach Lamar Twitty stated he is no longer coaching Basketball at CSC.
When I asked him about the season he replied, “I do not coach Basketball anymore at CSC.” He didn’t state why he is not coaching Basketball for CSC.

Next, we have the girls Basketball team. Player Davina Irizarry stated that the team has not started
practice yet. From the looks of it the team will not play or the season will be postponed (girls and boys).
Hopefully as time goes by we will have a definite answer on if there will be a Basketball season this year.