Opinion: In a divided America, is it time to hit refresh?

Simar Kapoor, Staff Writer

The story of America speaks for itself; our history teaches us the American pillars. We learn, but each day, America strips our traditional fathom. We are fighting over land, killing people on religion, and climbing the political ladder, stabbing each other on the way up. For the next generation of leaders, change starts with us.

The riots at Capital Hill braid into the Anarchy America has endured for the past year. Election year challenges the norms of discipline and unity. The past year showcased anomaly, but it brought discussion to the table.

What had started as a Trump rally, promptly revolve into a life-threatening ordeal. The riots were caused by the right-wing extremism, and the opposition to the 2020 election results. The capitol was placed under lockdown as lawmakers and electors evacuated the premises. Five people died and more than 140 were injured.

Many young people took this time to vocalize their concerns.

“The American government continuously tries to make up excuses for all of this and sweep it under the rug. I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand. Sometimes I just look at those people against the things I mentioned and think they’re complete idiots,” said Freshman Gwynevere Castroon on the different issues like healthcare, ingenious rights, and political mockery.

One side on the spectrum is political stances. Political parties like Democrats and Republicans were created to voice issues and explore subjects with likeminded people. Today to simply voice concerns takes courage. Too often people feel judged by their beliefs.

Freshman Kasi Kaleva implores the difficulty it takes to carry a political conversation with peers. “One noticeable thing about America these days is that if you don’t agree with someone in the slightest way, people turn to violence. It’s almost impossible to sit down and have an intelligent conversation, or debate anymore.”

When we unveil our pillars or core values we can work in the direction of unity. We give political stances the power, as it strips away voices. We see America as either light or dark, black or white, but what about gray? Can we change the filter and click refresh?

Data collected from a sample of 131 Charter students on the political state of America. (S. Kapoor)


The next generation of youth equates change

Our generation embraces change with open arms. Our morals are set on pragmatic, inclusive, autarkic, candid, and ingenious outlets. We pioneer innovation and usher perspective to the table.

Alan Watts pivots on this perspective, saying “The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.” Watts is a intellectual philosopher best known for his take on the Eastern dynamic (the global eastern cultures and philosophies, like Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism) and revels at its’ importance; Consciously spreading newfangled and trailblazing concepts.

Connecting back to politics when we develop efficient and fresh ideas, we feel less like outsiders, and turn our heads to working towards a common goal or asset. We can outlaw old beliefs and tackle tough subjects at the dinner table. For example, we can create political party independence. We could express our beliefs freely, without being repressed or labeled as a Democrat or Republican.

We have less barriers and obstacles when we address the fear or pain, essentially taking away the power it has on us. The proud, prudent, feeling that comes with standing up for your beliefs is unparalleled.

The student population polls primarily symbolize the upperclassmen. The poll was conducted Thursday in the first week of February. In a total of 131 responses 65% feel proud to represent the next cohort.

Today, when we pass that invisible barrier we put upon us, society can be united. Change starts with you.

Find something to root for—as little or incompetent it may be. Push the boundaries on that topic, source creative outlets. Talk to friends, pioneer solutions, and epitomize your voice.

A little perspective is all it takes, hit refresh.