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The Student News Site of Coral Springs Charter School

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The Student News Site of Coral Springs Charter School

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Senior Gabriel Catala at the butterfly release supporting mental health week.
Building minds, creating hope: Mental health week
Kyhana Lechuga, Managing Editor • February 13, 2024

Mental health week was celebrated on January 8 to January 12. This week was celebrated at Coral Springs...

A student going through an episode of seasonal depression.
Charter After Dark: Seasonal Depression Amongst Students
Lorintz Compere, News Editor • January 24, 2024

Christmas to Hanukkah, Kwanza to Bodhi Day. No matter how you celebrate, December is usually a time for...

Biden has helped environmentalists all around the world progress ever so slightly,  creating a brighter future for many generations to come.
Biden's call to action
Shauna George, Entertainment Editor • January 20, 2024

As the Earth temperatures rise and extreme weather patterns become more frequent, many environmentalists...

Students of Ms. Palumbos class dressed up for Ugly Sweater Day on December 19. Everyone celebrates the holidays so it shouldnt just be for half of the school, said freshman Sydney Leath.
From Middle School Memories to High School Hype: The Controversy over December Spirit Week
Roger Taveras, Staff Writer • December 23, 2023

With every new graduating class, the question seems to come up quite often; should high school be included...

DECA Members prepare to compete in a donut eating competition.
A week of business and fun: An overview of DECA Week
Alexander Pekala, Staff Writer • December 11, 2023

DECA Week is a week-long event where the DECA club hosts a variety of activities both during school and...

The front of the Velvet Taco restaurant.
Food Review: Velvet Taco
Lorintz Compere, News Editor • February 13, 2024

Good morning, good evening, and good night! I’m your reviewer, Lorintz, and today we’ll be sticking with the trend of tacos, reviewing a restaurant called Velvet Taco. Entering the restaurant the...

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From chalkboards to chromebooks: evolution of teaching in schools
From chalkboards to chromebooks: evolution of teaching in schools
Matthew Luxamar, Staff Writer • February 9, 2024

Year after year, the landscape of education has gone through some serious transformations. From using regular old chalk boards...

Hot Girl Hobbies for 2024
Hot Girl Hobbies for 2024
Kasi Kaleva, Features Editor • February 7, 2024

Want to reinvent yourself this year but don’t know where to start? Finding hobbies can be difficult for a number of reasons....

Senior Ty Mainardi holding a phone with the word Rejected plastered on it.
More than a Label, Larger than Admittance
Sophia Kaklias, Business & Marketing Manager • February 1, 2024

Within the last 30 years, there has been an undeniable cultural shift in academic pressure and the competitive nature of...

Freshman Joey Manza is excited to live up to his New Years resolutions!!!
Maintaining New Years Resolutions
Gautam Arun, Staff Writer • January 30, 2024

New year, new me! This is what many people state when the New Year starts. They start making goals called New Year’s resolutions...

The new generation of kids
The new generation of kids
Giovanna Berrios, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

Should we be concerned for this next generation, after seeing the way they act? With the new...

People yelling at teenage girls for doing activities that teenage girls usually do. Actually doesn’t everyone do these things?
What Teenage Girls Love, We Shall All Hate
Gwynevere Castro, Opinions Editor • February 7, 2024

There have always been certain types of trends on social media, whether this be certain types...

The Temu app that has been causing  this scam.
Is Temu a scam?
Hayden Harris, Staff Writer • February 7, 2024

Temu is spreading like a wildfire because of their extremely cheap prices. Although the prices...

Photos from different people on the news of the victims, and photos from the schools cameras, from outside of the schools and others
The media desensitizing school shootings
Melissa Thorpe, Staff Writer • January 24, 2024

On December 6th, 2023, a school shooting occurred at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Three...

Freshman Kristian Nelson showing off his spirit shirt given at the class of 2027s moving up ceremony last year.
Spirit shirts: Daily or Fridays?
Yahli Shinuk, Staff Writer • January 20, 2024

At school, it’s a widely known fact that students are allowed to wear their spirit shirts...

Students sharing what Valentines Day gifts they would recommend for others.
Last minute love: A Valentine's Day gift guide
Claire O'Connor, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

Celebrate love and affection through the art of gift giving this Valentine’s Day with help from this student-based gift-guide. Whether searching for a present for a significant other or a beloved friend,...

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Official Wonka movie poster.
Wonka: The early days of the chocolatier
Yahli Shinuk, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

On December 15th, one of the biggest movies of 2023 was released. The “Wonka” movie brought in over 500 million dollars...

Image showing Swen Vincke accepting his award for the Game of the Year (bottom left), the teleprompter telling the nominees to hurry up their speeches (bottom right), the title and logo of the new Game of the Year (top right), and the game awards logo (center).
Celebration and controversy: Aftermath of the Game Awards
Alexander Pekala, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

As of December 7th, the winners of The 2023 Game Awards have been revealed and the results have been rife with argument and...

Percy Jackson holds his sword Riptide as a wave curves in in the background on this Percy Jackson and the Olympians poster.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Take two
Laura Gonzalez, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

After years of waiting, millions of nerdy middle school kids have finally received the adaptation they’ve been pining for...

The couple that longs for each other knowing they can’t be together.
Forever and always
Savannah Lebreton, Editor-in-Chief • February 12, 2024

Forever and always. A phrase that holds enough room for infinite love and the hopes that your person will always be there...

Freshman student, Collin Maniscalco and his mom Mrs. Maniscalco, a teacher and coach at Charter.
The power of sports in people's lives
Angie Barrios, Staff Writer • February 13, 2024

Sports have an incredible power to unite people from all walks of life, transcending boundaries and bringing...

Kevin adores introspection
Kevin adores introspection
Matthew Luxamar, Staff Writer • February 9, 2024

Kevin Love, the star NBA player, has gone through hard challenges in his life. He experienced mental...

Boys varsity soccer team after a win against Westminster Academy.
Kicking to success: varsity soccer this season
Gautam Arun, Staff Writer • January 16, 2024

The boys' varsity soccer team is one of the most anticipated sports seasons in our school. With the season...

Go Nighthawks!
Go Nighthawks!
Sidney Berthiaume, Sports Editor • May 11, 2023

One of our star seniors, David Austen, has committed to National Park College to continue his athletic...

Killian Oneill Commitment: Webbers got a good one!
Killian O'neill Commitment: Webbers got a good one!
Sidney Berthiaume, Sports Editor • March 14, 2023

Senior Killian O'neill is a first baseman for the varsity baseball team. For this upcoming season, he...

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