Josephine Slotkin: A Star on the Rise


“Theater has helped me a lot with my confidence and with my self-esteem” said senior Josephine Slotkin.

From her childhood choir to “Ultimate Invasion,” acting has been an integral part of her life. “I’ve always loved acting and I knew theater was a great way to start and get into that so I think that’s really why. I’ve always loved to perform like I did choir for my church when I was 8 years old. The first show I did was my tv show ‘Ultimate Invasion,’” said Slotkin.

Although it may come to no surprise, Slotkin has enjoyed her time more with theater.

“It was actually really fun. It was a great experience to get experience on set and stuff like that but I think I really enjoyed theater acting more because I feel closer with the people in theater than I do film acting but it’s still an amazing experience,” said Slotkin.

Slotkin has been in theater since she was a freshman, and is about to be on the journey for greater things. “My goal overall is to graduate high-school and get into a good college. I want to go to the University of Southern California. Or University of Central Florida,” said Slotkin.

Throughout the years of her career it has taught her various lessons. “I would say don’t give up, keep trying. More doors will close but you just have to keep forcing them open,” said Slotkin.

One of Slotkin’s current projects is theatre’s musical Mamma Mia. She plays main character Sophie Sheridan. Throughout the play, the audience follows her on her journey to figure out who her father is.

“I think my favorite moment so far is definitely Mamma Mia. I’ve never had so much fun in or being a part of a show before,” said Slotkin.

Mamma Mia is Slotkin’s last play. Through theatre, she has made countless friendships, bonds, and memories. “I just had such an amazing experience and words can’t even describe it,” said Slotkin.

Overall, Slotkin is a multitalented, confident young woman. She has been a great contribution to the drama department.

“She’s committed, up to the task of doing things, and seeing her grow throughout each production I really think is beautiful,” said junior Matthew Menendez.