Opinion: Are uniforms really necessary during online school?

Many schools around the world have their own uniform rules. School uniforms nourish a sense of equality and limit unhealthy competitive feelings in the school environment. Students spend less time thinking about their appearance and are valued more on their character instead of their clothes. The debate whether students should wear uniforms or not has been going on for years but this year it has completely changed. Due to the fact that many students are still learning on an online platform makes us all question if uniforms are actually necessary in this situation. 

Clothes are able to reinforce a certain mindset and in this case it’s the learning environment. An example of clothes reinforcing a mindset is when going out to a special dinner. People tend to wear superb clothes such as dresses and suits in order to create the elegant atmosphere for the evening. The atmosphere that the school wants to create at home is like the one in classrooms so that students maintain their focus while learning. 

Students can easily wake up five minutes before class throw on a hoodie, turn on their computer and start class half asleep. Although this might be the easiest thing to do at the moment it can have its consequences later on. Continuing on the day might seem harder and harder and can lead to procrastination. “I used to wake up really late for class and just turn on my computer and log into zoom. I was constantly tired and realized how unhealthy it was for me.” said Freshman Camila Ruiz. 

Waking up even 30 minutes before class can have a huge impact on your day. Students are able to correctly prepare for the day and have a productive day. Wearing uniform may send out the correct message but the same thing could be done in other clothes. School uniform shouldn’t be required for an online school format. Students should be able to wear something that makes them feel comfortable.