Dress code quarrel: Is the dress code for spirit week too restrictive?


Students attending Coral Springs Charter School have expressed their dislike for the dress code enforced during spirit week.  Many students find it too restrictive, and believe the school is making them cover up more than they should.

For example, many are put-off by the no leggings rule. This rule prohibits any student from wearing leggings or spandex without baggie shorts over them.  However, students are allowed to wear shorts, without covering up the rest of their legs.  “It’s just insane to me how something that literally covers your whole bottom, and is comfortable for many is considered inappropriate,” said sophomore, Gwynevere Castro.

These are the 5 guidelines that will be enforced for Coral Springs Charter’s spirit week.

What seems to puzzle many, including teachers and faculty, is that these rules have always stayed the same every year.  So, why are so many students suddenly complaining?  “I think this year is different because last year kids were literally wearing crocs almost every other day.  It makes sense that they [faculty] were more lenient since half of our kids were virtual and were wearing things like pajamas to go to class,” said high school English teacher Ms. Martinez.  The leniency given last year could explain some of the complaints made by students.

On the other hand, some students are understanding for the rules and don’t find it to be as much of a problem.  “For the most part it’s quite reasonable. Students get to wear mostly what they want (according to the day) and in certain areas some clothing items are deemed inappropriate,” said sophomore class president Christopher Gayle.

For whatever reason the rules are there for, many students don’t seem to find it too difficult to adjust the standards the school has set.

“In a way it’s a little disappointing to not wear your outfit in its fullest form or just picking an entirely new outfit,” Gayle said. “But at the end of the day those are the rules, and it won’t stop us from having fun.”