From Jr. Quota to Interact: Why The Name Change?

This school year, the club formerly known as Jr. Quota has changed its name to Interact.  The club had decided that it would be better to join another organization since the Jr. Quota organization had shut down due to covid-19.

Under the new name of ‘Interact’ members have more freedom to participate in things other than sign language.  “We are really trying to reach out to more communities and a wider range of people,” said Interact officer, Alexandra Bruno.

However, many are asking: “Why did they have to change the name?”  After 20 years of business, Jr. Quota International had shut down due to the many struggles Covid-19 brought.  Subsequently, the club was faced with a choice: either keep the name Jr. Quota or join another organization.  Without an organization to back the club up, there would definitely be more of a struggle to host events outside of Coral Springs Charter.  Thus, making the decision to join ‘Interact’ instead.  “We still teach sign language in this club but now it gives us a purpose and there are actually events, award ceremonies, and competitions that we can take part in as well,” said Middle School drama teacher Joseph Melendez.

So far Interact has hosted multiple successful events both in and out of school.  The Interact club had teamed up with Step Up to have their annual Halloween block party at Cherry Smash which turned out to be a huge success.  A few weeks later Interact had a day of service where all high school students participated in different activities that helped students improve on taking care of themselves as well as their community.

While Interact might be about helping the community, it can also help the individual as well.  Many Interact club members and officers encourage students in Coral Springs Charter to take part in the club not only for the community’s benefit but for the student’s as well.  We are always interacting with different people and making new friends.  It’s very enjoyable,” said Interact officer Brishaunna Russel.