Environmental Awareness Club


Get ready to recycle! Coral Springs Charter has officially brought back the Environmental Awareness Club (EAC). They worked very hard to get this club running again, and all this hard work paid off when this club was approved. 

The main goal of the club is to open students’ and staffs’ eyes to the lack of care about the environment and to bring their own solutions to the issues we face.

“Many people don’t realize how their lives are affected by the environment and when people begin to understand that they will be more motivated to join,” said EAC advisor Oscar Toro.

Officers hope for collaboration with other local schools and environmental programs.

“I would also love to work with other Charter clubs such as KeyClub and NHS,” says club officer Alyssa Philips. Another goal is “to make our school and our community an environmentally friendly place” according to club president Sofia Alfageme. 

The EAC is shaping up to be a very eventful club as well. According to Toro, the club will be having major events such as beach cleanups and city cleanup days. Alfageme says to “expect ‘green’ school-wide changes and constant community service opportunities.”

The club has made many advancements in the school already. You may have noticed blue bins in classrooms around the school. This is because they have already restarted the recycling program in the school. 

“EAC wants to make Coral Springs Charter school completely green,” said Philips. “I’m proud to say that we’re the only school in Coral Springs that has a recycling pick up route set up with the city.”

If you are interested in joining the Environmental Awareness Club visit Room 219. During meetings the members discuss many topics, mainly focusing on plans for recycle pickups and opportunities for volunteering. You can also speak with officers and members that are already in the club or visit the EAC Instagram page @cscs_eac_sponsor. The club meets biweekly on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month after school, so be ready to make some change!