Food Review: Lady and the Mug


Good morning, good evening, and good night! Tis the season for giving and gifting. As my early Christmas gift to you, I, Lorintz, will be reviewing a fairly popular coffee shop right next to Charter known as Lady & The Mug.

Upon entering the shop, I was overwhelmed with a comfy vibe, almost like you’re at home. There were many posters on the walls containing positive messages and comforting imagery. The background music wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m sure many others would enjoy it. I especially liked the chalkboard that described the word “Love” as the most important word. It was truly relatable as the world right now just needs a bit more love. There was a small poster at the top of a door frame that said “Good Vibes Only”. I feel that the owners of this shop perfectly fell in line with this phrase.

Going up to order our beverages, the good vibes only got better. The staff were very nice to us and very considerate. There are even multiple options for beverages. Are you vegan? Do you prefer a certain type of milk? They have other kinds besides whole milk. Beverages aren’t the only thing they sell. They have vegan friendly cookie sandwiches, different flavors of bread, and regular sandwiches. When it comes to options, Lady & The Mug has a boatload of choices. The things we ordered arrived in a relatively short amount of time, though we only ordered beverages.

White Chocolate Cold Brew

Type of beverage: Coffee

The drink had just the right amount of sweetness. The White Chocolate mixed really well with the coffee. I also felt the cool nature of it heightened it’s enjoyability, especially on hot days. When I first tried the drink, one thing I said was: “I finally understand why people like Starbucks so much.”

There was no significant aftertaste in the drink.


Hot Chocolate

Type of beverage: Hot Cocoa

This drink also had a particularly sweet flavor, a bit too sweet for me. The chocolatey flavor was incredibly tasty, making up for the oversweetness. The whipped cream on top also added a lot to the flavor of the Hot Cocoa and the thick texture. The instant I tasted the Hot Chocolate, I knew I’d be coming back to Lady & The Mug.

There was a chocolatey after taste, reminding you of the absolutely legendary Hot Cocoa you just had.


Latcha Latte

Type of beverage: Coffee

I tasted a slightly sweet flavor within the beverage. It also had an appealing look, but that’s pretty much where the good things I have to say ends. The drink had a similar taste to watery-milk. The “interesting” aftertaste left me begging for my suffering to end. The ice cubes in the drink had more flavor than the milk itself. I overall did not enjoy it.

There was a strange taste immediately after every sip. With every sip, I despised this drink more and more.



All in all, I would rate my experience a solid 7.5 out 10. I really enjoyed the comfortable and peaceful feeling the owners were going for by putting up posters displaying peaceful messages, symbols, and objects. I respect and appreciate the very kind and considerate staff members for doing their jobs with enthusiasm. The sheer amount of options will guarantee that every visit you make to Lady & The Mug will be different from the last. However, the awful tasting latte stuck with me and brought down my overall experience and the overall rating of the shop. It is very obvious the owners care for the shop and the employees care about their jobs. Some things just don’t work for me.