Spring Sports on the Rise


All athletics in the school continue to go on year-round, but the next big season on deck is Spring. Our Spring sports have had much success over the years, and some of them bring in huge fan totals.

Spring sports were cut short by Covid-19 two years ago and had to handle the cutoff back then, last year everyone had to follow Covid-19 guidelines. This year spring sports will have their first normal season in two years, Covid-19 protocols will be less, and seasons will be normal length.

Spring has had a reputation of being contenders for titles every year and even winning titles some years at the district, regional, and state levels. These sports have made a good name for themselves and have had recognition for it on every media platform, whether it’s social media, news articles, school recognition, and even televised news.

Student athletes are looking forward to this upcoming season as they believe this is a chance for them to get back some normalcy to their season from 2 years ago.

The Spring sporting events to students is known as the free season as this because students regularly don’t have to pay to get into the games to watch them. The Spring games and matches are consistently free every year until the point of playoffs where the BCAA has students pay for entry.

Spring is a great time of the year for many athletes in the school and for many students that attend sporting events. Spring is a great time for people to come to games and end the year with a hopefully winning season.