Home Sweet Home Alone: Movie Review


Brianna Dell’Aquila, Staff Writer

This movie was interesting, to say the least. In my opinion it was good, but nothing compared to the original home alone movies. I don’t like movie remakes, but I do have some exceptions. This is not one of them. The originals always end up better.

I did find it funny when the movie mentioned this though. “I don’t know why they’re always trying to remake the classics. Never as good as the originals,” said Jeff McKenzie played by Rob Delaney. I loved all the references to the original Home Alone, like one of the McCallisters showing up in the movie as a cop, and mentioning how there is a McCallister Home Alarm system.

What I did not like all that much about the movie was that miscommunication was a pivotal plot point. Most things would not have happened if they just had better communication.

The wife and husband were lovely people, so I did feel bad for everything that was happening to them, and they were hilarious. The kid was very creative, just like in all the other home alone movies, which was appreciated.

My favorite character was Pam Mackenzie. I admired what she and her husband were willing to go through to better their family. She was also unintentionally funny. And even though after all she went through with Max Mercer (the kid who was trying to stop them from “taking him”) she still offered him a place to stay in the end when she found out he was home alone with a destroyed house.

The setting overall was very christmassy and detailed. I liked the toy drive for kids in need and the decorated church. The houses also looked very nice with their Christmas lights on the outside, and looked good as well on the inside with the holiday decorations and tree.

The new and old home alone were similar in may ways. One of the best aspects of this was the airport scenes in both movies, where the mom realizes her kid is not with them and is talking to someone at the front desk, working on a plan to get home.

The biggest difference and my personal favorite, was how the “bad guys” were not actually criminals. Sure they were trying to break into the house, but it was all in good intention. The traps however were on point and impressive in both movies.

I watched this movie with my little brother and cousin and they both enjoyed it. They laughed a lot and were intrigued most of the time, so I would say this is a good family holiday movie, if you don’t want to watch the classics. It’s available on Disney + if you want to give it a shot.