Midterms After Winter Break


For the past couple years they have always been before our winter break and students were perfectly fine with that. But this year they changed it up and now midterms are after break.

“The schedule for the midterms after break is horrible because we have two days of school then midterms, ” said senior Kayla Davis.

Another issue is that people who got to exempt most of their classes for midterms would previously get an early break but now it is different. “Before I would be able to exempt my classes and then I would be able to enjoy my break earlier but now it feels weird having [midterm week] after,” said senior Juan Castro.

“I’d rather just get them over with now instead of waiting all of break to get them done,” said senior Brianna Godfrey.

While most students are against this change of dates for the midterms there are some benefits of why it is good to take it after break. “It gives me more time to study which is a positive even though I don’t really like having it after break,” Said Matthew Carter, a junior.

Having the midterms switch to being after break instead of before break was just a big change that many students weren’t ready for. A possible fix for this solution could be to have a survey and see what students like more, so administration can see what the students prefer for the future.