New Field, New Team


Junior Ross Lazar steps into the brand new batters box.

Cypress park is up and ready!

Cypress Park is located in Coral Springs, Florida. It has multiple baseball fields, but the main one is a very big field, located as soon as you enter the site. The main field has been there for a little over 20 years. Many problems around have developed overtime, such as trees around the fences, the dirt being rocky, the grass not be leveled, and the dugouts not being wide enough. But all those problems have been solved and a brand new field is ready for Panthers.

“Going from a very bumpy surface in the infield and hills in the outfield to an almost perfect baseball park is very uplifting for us and has made it feel like we are playing in a top of the line facility,” said junior David Austen.

One player on the Panthers stated that he is super excited to be playing on a brand new field, but points out what still needs to be fixed to make the field even better.

”I am grateful that cypress has been redone, although there are some still some flaws. The infield is hard, this causes bad hops for the infielders. The outfield is muddy, and the fence is too far. The backstop is massive, the bullpens are flat and dark. Overall, changes still need to be made,” said senior Anthony Fierre.

The panthers have been going after a perfect season to qualify for the 3A district championship. Manager Charlie Fine is happy to see the Panthers on the new field.

“As you know last year, many players were getting injured which really brought down our team. I feel like the city and construction workers have really been unbelievable in helping our organization be at the top with other teams. The dirt, the elevation, the grass, and the new pitchers mound is something you perfectly dream of. I’m excited to see how this bring our program together,” said Fine.