Concerts are Returning: How to Stay Safe


After nearly two years of empty stadiums and arenas, artists are finally announcing their world tours and music festivals. Artists like Bad Bunny, Olivia Rodrigo and The Weeknd are preparing for their upcoming tours in the spring and summer. However, recent events at concerts and festivals have worried some fans about their safety.

“I recently got tickets to see Bad Bunny in April,” said fan Cyana Gajadhar. “But I’m worried about the potential large crowds. I have seen how dangerous they can be.”

Additionally, concert venues are still following COVID-19 safety protocols. Here are some safety tips to keep yourself safe and healthy while enjoying your favorite artist’s concerts.

Eat and Drink Properly

Eating enough food and drinking enough water before you go to a concert is very important. A lack of food and water can cause you to faint, especially in warmer, closed off spaces. And in case you do, make sure you can identify a safety exit to ask for assistance.

Protect Your Belongings

It is recommended that you don’t bring any valuable items with you to concerts, in fear of losing them or it possibly getting stolen. If you do want to bring some belongings, you want to make sure these items are stored properly. It’s best to bring a small bag (if it is permitted) to store all of your valuables in.

Avoid Large Crowds

Try to stay on the outer edge of crowds. The strongest and most dangerous crowds are usually toward the front of the stage. And if you do find yourself in a crowd, stay calm and move with the crowd.

Dress appropriately

We all want to dress nice for concerts, but you also need to keep in mind what you wearing will affect you at the event. For example, dressing in heavier clothes will cause you to get hotter faster. Also, wearing shoes that you feel comfortable walking around in are great for concerts.

Follow COVID guidelines

Most stadiums and arenas insist that in order to be let into the venue, you must show proof that you have received a COVID vaccine. These same venues may also require that you take a COVID test 48 hours before the concert starts. Wearing a mask may be recommended for some venues, while some may require it. It is recommended that the event is an outdoor event rather than indoors to prevent large crowds.

In Summary

Many venues for concerts and festivals follow different rules and regulations, so be sure to check those out before arriving.  And as long as you feel comfortable in the space you are in and are protecting yourself from others, you will have a blast at concerts!