Food Review: Burgerfi


Good morning, good evening, and good night! Today, I’ll be reviewing another local restaurant by the name of Burgerfi.

Entering Burgerfi, I was hit with an immediate wave of this smell of oil. I was then caught off guard by its inherent emptiness. The interior was nothing special. There were a few logos and stock photos with interesting designs and text plastered on them. However, there were only 2 aspects I really liked about the way they laid everything out. I liked that there is a certain section when you walk in with plaques on the walls, enriching you with a bit of history surrounding the restaurant. I also liked the signed Burgerfi jersey near the entrance. I found it rather unique and creative. Other than that, the interior of the restaurant was rather bland.

There were a moderately sized variety of options for meals. There was an option to buy burgers, appetizers, and other non-burger related options. There was a vegan burger that was customizable, but to a limited extent. There was a low number of staff, which is understandable considering the amount of business it seems to get. They were patient as I gave my order. However, there isn’t anything special to report about them. They weren’t bad, but there wasn’t anything that set them apart. The wait time for the food was pretty reasonable for what I’ve ordered.

Burgerfi Burger

Type of meal: Hamburger

Biting into the burger, I was really impressed. The lettuce and tomatoes tasted fresh. The ham was just the right amount of juicy. The additional sauce blends everything together into a bundle of mouthwatering goodness.

I feel if there was a bit more sauce on the burger, it would’ve earned this a 10 out of 10. However, there isn’t anything major that decreases the quality of it.


Chicken Tenders

Type of meal: Meat

The chicken tenders continue the trend of savory. The exterior is extremely crunchy and reasonably baked. The white meat is also really juicy and delicious. It was sage to say, this meal was also close to receiving a 10.

However, the tenders I got had some burn marks on them, suggesting they weren’t properly cooked. It also doesn’t make the tender look too appealing to eat.


Ghost Pepper Honey Sauce

Type of meal: Dipping Sauce

This is the first time I’ve ever tasted a product that perfectly mixes both spicy and sweet. There isn’t too much to say about the sauce, but it is extremely good for what it’s worth.

It’s only sauce, so there isn’t anything too complex to detail. Nonetheless,  it was enjoyable.



Overall, I’d rate my experience with Burgerfi an 8.7 out of 10. There were many factors that lead to this final verdict. For one, I found the interior design for Burgerfi to be bland. There weren’t many new and interesting aspects of the restaurant that really caught my eye in any way. There were a a few options on the menu, but not enough to allow for free customization of meals. The staff were alright, but didn’t provide anything special to the restaurant (i.e. their attitude, their presentation etc). However, the wait time for the food was relatively fast and the food itself increased the initial rating by a lot. With everything considered, I’d consider the food to be the best part of Burgerfi.