Apple’s September Event Overview | Far Out, 2022

Every Year apple releases new products, Apple’s Annual September event was no different than Usual.


Cameron Khouri, Multimedia Editor

On Wednesday September 7th, Apple hosted their 15th annual September event, titled “Far Out.” During this event they unravelled 5 new products and here’s what they are:

Apple Watch Series 8

Starting at $399, the Apple Watch Series 8 features temperature sensing, crash detecting, sleep stages, a brand new workout app, a 45mm or 41mm screen, IP6X dust resistance, and is water-proof, Here’s a longer summary:

Women’s Health

  • The Series’ 8 Temperature sensor tracks the user’s body temperature to help predict ovulation and fertility periods and to help with family planning.
  • There are now improved period predictions with better wrist temperature data, all data related is password protected and stored only on the apple watch and not on Apple’s iCloud cloud service.

Crash and Accident Detection

  • The Series 8 can detect when you get into a severe car accident or similar injury.
  • When a crash is detected, the watch will automatically start notifying emergency services and emergency contacts. However, if the wearer is fine, they can stop it, much like the S.O.S function on iPhones.
  • Crash detection is done with a 3 Axis Gyroscope and a new G-Force Accelerometer. It also uses a microphone, barometer, GPS and “an advanced sensor-fusion algorithm trained with 1-Million hours of real world driving and crash data to detect when you’re in a severe crash.”
  • The watch can also detect when the wearer falls.

Sleep Cycles

  • The new sleep tracking function details how long you slept and in what sleep stage. The Series 8 will tell you when you were awake, in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, Core sleep or deep sleep.

Health App

  • An electrocardiogram details the user’s heart rhythm, with the wrist sensor, it can accurately check the heart beat of the wearer. It also measures the wearer’s blood oxygen levels.
  • The Medications app helps the wearer regulate the intake of medicine, much like the women’s health app, it’s also password protected.


  • The new Workouts app details all sorts of body details from and during a workout, such as heart rate and customized intervals to keep the wearer engaged in their workout.
  • A planned feature that’s coming soon according to apple is a Race Route, allowing the wearer to run to and from a specified location, timing the wearer the entire way.

Battery Life

  • The Series 8 is the first watch to feature low-power mode, extending the battery life to 36 hours, on top of the already long 18 hours.


  • With the 2 models of apple watch being the Series 8 GPS and Series 8 GPS + Cellular, if the owner has the cellular variant, they can enable roaming and stream data outside of their residing country.

Apple Watch SE

Starting at a much cheaper $249, it is missing a few features compared to the Series 8 such as the accurate Cycle Tracking with blood temperature sensing features, a blood oxygen monitor, ECG, dust proof and always on retina display. It still packs a punch with a 40-44mm screen and has the other safety features (including crash & fall detection and sleep cycles tracking). It has the same battery life and capabilities as the Series 8 at almost half the cost.

Apple Watch Ultra

Starting at a hefty $799, the Apple Watch Ultra is built for a rough environment. It has a MIL-STDĀ 810H certification meaning it’s passed tests in harsh environments, such as below zero temperatures, moisture and shock. It also features a programmable action button. While this watch is very expensive, it’s made with high-grade titanium and will withstand anything that’s thrown at it.

AirPod Pros Second Generation

Before the far-out event, the original AirPod Pros were the oldest Apple Product being actively produced and sold. The new AirPod Pros don’t come with any new features, just improved original features. The new pros come with improved battery life at 6 hours with Active Noise Cancellation, instead of 4.5 hours with ANC. They now use Bluetooth 5.3 instead of 5.0. The Spatial Audio and ANC has also been improved. Right now, it’s most likely not worth the upgrade and it would be better off buying original AirPod Pros for a lower price.

iPhone 14

The new iPhone 14 features a Super Retina XDR Display, most commonly found on their high end M1 MacBook Pros. New iPhone’s will feature 20-26 hours of battery life. Much like the new Apple Watches, it will feature crash detection and emergency SOS for when you’re off the grid. The new iPhone features a “Ceramic Shield” for improved screen protection. The new main camera features improved low-light photo capture, making it possible to take pictures in dark environments. For enhanced peace of mind and quality of life, the iPhone 14 features only an eSIM, instead of a SIM tray. According to Apple’s Official Website, you can now have multiple data plans and phone numbers on one phone. When traveling internationally you can set up an eSIM to stay connected without using roaming.

Overall, the Apple Watch had some massive improvements while for now, it’s most likely best to hold out on upgrading to the new AirPods or iPhone (unless you’re in the iPhone Upgrade Program).