Opinion: Do midterm elections matter

In this article students will understand the thought process behind why midterm elections are crucial to American citizens.

Credit: Canva

In this article students will understand the thought process behind why midterm elections are crucial to American citizens.

Midterm elections are of importance if you are a US citizens

Midterm elections are right around the corner for many Floridians. What are midterms some may ask? This general election happens halfway through a president’s term, hence the word midterm. This year it is happening on November 8th, which is 3 weeks away. During this period, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives will be up for re-election, as well as 35 out of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate. Those in the senate hold on to their seats for six years and one-third of those seats are routinely up for reelection every two years right alongside the house of representatives, who conveniently hold their seats for two.

Midterm elections are not futile and are quite crucial since they determine a substantial number of outcomes and possibilities for the American people. Thus, these elections should be taken quite seriously. As many people say, whatever party has the majority in the House, or the Senate is the one with most of the power. It is very important to vote in midterm elections or elections in general because candidates are ultimately the ones with citizens’ lives in their hands. They control the deck, and they dish out the cards. Midterm elections do not only determine which way congress will swing, Democratic or Republican, but they also determine whether the president is left useless. As plenty of people know, Congress are the ones who give the green light or go ahead to whatever the president proposes unless special circumstances arise.

Let’s say, for example, many Americans who have liberal views do not go out to vote and the Republicans are the dominant party. They (the Republicans) have not been shy about their plans of going against Biden and his decisions. They are also devising plans in order to strengthen border security, anti-abortion laws, and gun control. Now, said Americans who did not vote have to endure two years of disappointing representation because they did not go forth and vote. What if the Democrats continue to run Congress? This means those with Republican values on things such as abortion can see it become legalized once more.

Another reason why midterm elections are so useful is due to the fact that it allows people to vote out candidates who do not hold true to their word. Always make sure to research the candidates thoroughly and hold them accountable, because quite a lot of them do not stick to what they promise. Every vote counts so make sure you vote this November.

There is a possibility that people will argue that midterm elections are useless and inconvenient. The arguments may include the fact that it is time-consuming, they never vote in the first place, or they would rather vote for everything all at the same time. If any American citizen has this ideology, they are either lazy, selfish, or both. This may come off as harsh, but it is the truth. Yes, voting is time-consuming and yes it can get boring, however one vote could change someone’s life for the best or for the worst. For example, democrats want gun control in order to save children in schools, however, if you were not to vote and republicans win, then schools will continue to be unsafe for children.

Therefore, midterm elections are important. Elections represent the fact that the United States is a democracy, that everyone has the right to vote and choose the path they want to take in order to live the life they see fit. Once everyone sees the importance of elections, then and only then can America become great.