Why you should care about Care Club


Calling all animal lovers! A new club has been started at CSCS, Club for Animal Rights and Education aka Care Club. They focus on saving and respecting animals, and if this is something you are interested in, now’s the time to join. This club is perfect for you if you love animals, want a career with animals, or are intrigued in learning about animals on our planet.

After all this time, how did this club get started and why? It is sponsored by Kristin Grassi and while it may not have been her idea to start the club, she is very eager about it. She was asked if she would be the sponsor and since she was a zoology major and loves anything to do with animals, she said yes. “One of the missions of the club is to raise awareness for things that are endangered or better awareness of animals around the world in general,” said Grassi. Her goal is to have the members of her club be knowledgeable about this so they can help others learn.

The Care Club does events that help protect animals habitats, fundraisers for animal organizations, and makes crafts for animal shelters. They even want to get guest speakers to come to talk about jobs that people can have that help or deal with animals. “The goals of the club are to educate members on animal rights, careers regarding animals, and animals in general,” said President of the club Junior Sophia Basso. This club isn’t just to learn about animals or sit around talking about them. The members are learning what jobs they can get which will help them do what they want to do, which is save the beautiful animals on our Earth.

If you want to join, the club meets in Mrs. Grassi’s room which is room 318 on the first Tuesday of every month. Anyone is welcome to come to the next meeting, pay their dues on Myschoolbucks and join the club. If this club is something that grabs your attention, and you want to help animals all around the world, then Care Club is for you.