Keeping Our Future Bright


Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program offers-you guessed it, scholarships. This program is funded by the Florida lottery. The purpose of this program is to reward Florida high school graduates for their high academic achievement. This program is a gift to high school students across the state, but there are requirements that must be met in order to receive this scholarship.

In order to qualify for this program, 75 service hours are needed. There are many ways to obtain service hours such as fostering cats or working for the school show’s tech. This way you can rack up the right amount of hours to qualify.

Here, at Coral Springs Charter, we offer the Cambridge AICE program. By obtaining an AICE diploma, a student can qualify for the scholarship. Students must complete a minimum of 14 AICE credits. One is needed from each group.
AICE Global perspectives is required (will count as two credits)

  • Group 1–Math or Science credit (only two credits required)
  • Group 2–Languages (only two credits required)
  • Group 3–Arts and humanities (only two credits required)
  • Optional Group 4–Interdisciplinary Skills (four credits max; includes Thinking Skills and General Paper)
  • Six additional credits from any groups above.

Now, how would one apply? Visit to submit a completed application. This would have to be submitted after high school graduation, no later than August 31st.

To the students of Coral Springs Charter working towards the Bright Futures Scholarship, keep working hard (and keep up with the SAT prep!)