The Gym That’s Right For You


If all gym brands promote the same concept, what should you look for when choosing which to go to?


What makes EOS stand out is that EOS Fitness Memberships are extremely affordable, with it being only $9.99 per month and a $1 join fee. This makes it easier for us teenagers to have access to a gym.

EOS is one of the two gyms that is open 24 hours. This is a nice advantage EOS holds considering people may not be able to attend other gyms that close at 7 or 10 p.m.

Something that really stands out at EOS is their MOVEōS Cinema cardio room. Equipped with a big screen, surround sound and mood lighting, it also includes an outdoor workout space that you will not find in other gyms.

However, you cannot bring a guest unless they are 18 or older. In addition, it may not be easy to find more than one location.

“My favorite thing about EOS is that they have lots of squat racks and I like the outside section,” said Juliana Browne “I don’t like how crowded it gets sometimes.”

LA Fitness

LA Fitness stands out because it offers Zumba, Pilates, spin, and yoga classes free for all members. There is no problem finding LA Fitness from where you are because they have many locations.

LA Fitness is known for having the Best Machines and Muscle Isolation. The floor layout typically includes a vast selection of weight machines that allow you to hit any muscle you can think of from any angle.

If you are interested in swimming they have a swimming pool, and it also includes indoor basketball courts. Even so, LA doesn’t have as long hours of operation as other gyms, and it’s more expensive.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is known for its judgment-free environment. If you are just starting, that is the gym to go to. They raise awareness and have a different approach to the market aimed at non-gymgoers.

Planet Fitness is also one of the two gyms that are open 24 hours, giving people a place of comfort to go to at all times. Additionally, Planet Fitness is very affordable with a $10 membership fee and a $49 start-up fee.

Planet Fitness is unique for having tanning beds that come with its black card membership.

You don’t have to worry about having to wait to use equipment at Planet Fitness it is a calm environment that is never too busy.

Something you won’t see in most gyms are tanning beds, however, Planet Fitness has them! Included in their black card membership along with a Waterbed.

However, though they have dumbbells and resistance machines, you’ll limited in what you can do if you plan on lifting heavy.


Youfit is also one of the gyms to look into that is quiet and not very crowded. One thing that is super cool about is that Youfit comes with 24/7 virtual workouts this can become very helpful for students who don’t have the resources to get a ride to the gym.

YouFit gives access to nutrition plans designed by a registered dietitian. If you are interested in pickleball Youfit comes with indoor pickleball court. However, by reading the reviews Consumers complaining about YouFit most frequently mention customer service, annual fee and credit card problems.