Star Student Athletes: Train Hard, Win Easy


Sidney Berthiaume

Junior Andrew Raucci gets his start as the shortstop for the Original Florida Pokers.

Andrew Raucci, a utility player on the Varsity baseball team, earned his nickname of “Shohei O’Raucci” with his stellar performance this fall as a two-way player. This nickname was given because of the comparison between Raucci and the MLB athlete, Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani is a powerful two way player who is a designated hitter and a starting pitcher.

During his off-season, Raucci played for the Original Florida Pokers 2024, a local travel team who is ranked 7th in the nation. The Pokers faced some of the best teams in the nation, which boosted his confidence and strengthened him as a player. “Playing better teams made my confidence higher because I realized that we played the top teams in the nation, so I won’t see any team better than the ones in the summer,” said Raucci.

Also during the off-season, not only did his summer coach bolster his mental game, but he put in a lot of work on hitting and pitching which seems to be paying off. “My summer coach, Coach Fitz, gave me confidence and strengthened my mentality,” said Raucci, “This summer season I worked hard to build myself, not only as a pitcher, but a strong offensive player.”

Raucci has been both a defensive player and offensive player this fall season with a batting average of .555 and 4 stolen bases. When he is not pitching, he is either playing second base or right field. Raucci did not get any at bats last season, as a pitcher only, so he has been showing off new skills in the batter’s box.

“I had zero at bats last year so I was a little nervous for my first at bat this fall season, but my mentality was just ‘see ball hit ball’ and prove them wrong,” said Raucci.

He has been hitting either 2nd in the lineup or 6th and believes that he will be continuing this into the spring season.