Meet the New Basketball Manager: Maya Anthony

Junior Maya Anthony decided to get herself involved in basketball, not only to better the team, but to make new connections by playing a significant role. “This is the perfect opportunity to get closer to the sport you love,” Anthony said.

She was originally the co-manager of the middle school basketball team, but needed more intensity, so she moved up in her position. “I have only been the basketball manager for a year now, and think it’s been an amazing opportunity and choice,” Anthony said.

Anthony’s sister influenced her into becoming interested in sports management. “My sister was a student athlete trainer, and I’ve always admired her, which was the little push I had in the back of my mind to wanting this position.”

She feels that her relationship with the players matters a lot. “I strongly believe that to have a great time and a good season, we need to work together,” Anthony said. “I really have noticed I care a lot for every one of the boys and wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

Maya mentioned the team captain: “Jaeden Gasper is the team captain, and the pick couldn’t be more perfect. He has been on the basketball team since his sixth-grade year, and has really proven himself capable of being captain.”

Gasper had feedback about how she has contributed to the team and impacted the season this year as a team manager and a person. “Maya is a very good team manager, she keeps our scores on games and always updates us on stats.” Gasper said. “She also helps us with hydration and gives us food at times which is always nice, she’s a great person overall.”

She believes the team is more than ready for the season. “Unfortunately, last year most games were a loss, but this year will be good and I know it, but actions speak louder than words.”