Opinion: No one cares that you got cheated on in high school

Yeah, cheating is wrong – but who cares? When you’re in high school, let’s be real, you aren’t looking for a forever partner. Even if you think you are, you probably won’t last. Meeting new people is what makes life so interesting, so why settle for one person met in high school? Of course, infidelity is wrong and I don’t wish for anyone to be cheated on, but high school? Really? So what.

Coming from a teenage high school girl, I feel like I have heard every cheating scandal there is. I personally have been cheated on as well. When dating in high school, you’re probably dating for experience, and trust me, getting cheated on is one of them. Everyone in high school is at their prime years of growth, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Life is about learning. Falling and getting back up. You need a little heartbreak before you can truly love.

There is low commitment in every high school relationship. It’s not like you have a kid with them or a shared bank account. This will only toughen your skin. A little scrape on your knee. The recovery from this will only make you stronger. It prepares you for future heartbreak, except this time you’ll have a prenup.

Oh? You’re in high school and you’re in love? You’re going to marry them? Cool. Unfortunately, it’s time to get realistic. According to: Callisto Adams, a dating blog writer from “hetexted.com”, About 30-40% of relationships experience infidelity. Not to mention emotional affairs- which are worse in my opinion. Around 90% of women and 77% men worldwide admitted to having an emotional affair. In America alone, 70% have admitted to have engaged in some sort of infidelity. These are some general statistics on cheating overall, so let’s get back to the point.

Couples that met in high school are less likely to divorce than those that met elsewhere. However, don’t get hopeful, less than 2% of all marriages are to a high school sweetheart. Only 54% even make it past 10 years without divorcing. So that makes it a 0.0108% shot of staying with a sweetheart for more than 10 years. That’s not counting if you decide you’re fed up by the 11th year.

Forty to 60% of high school students have admitted to cheating during a relationship. Who knows, maybe you’ve already been cheated on. Any experience is a learning opportunity. You live and you learn. You make mistakes and grow. I don’t care if you got cheated on in high school – more than half of students have admitted to infidelity. You aren’t special.