You + love for math = Mu Alpha Theta (MAθ)


Mu Alpha Theta (MAθ) is a math honor society that started this school year and is advised by Math teacher Colt Griffith. Their goals are to attend competitions to meet students from across the state, to enhance the members’ math skills, and to earn scholarships.

Club President Yuwei Huang had the idea of starting this prestigious honors society and has many goals for the club. “Part of this club is attending competitions, such as regionals, and the other part is tutoring, so we have tutoring every Tuesday either in Mr. Griffith’s room or Mrs. Greene’s room,” said Huang. These students are able to do something they love while benefiting themselves and other students who need help.

Furthermore, MAθ has multiple purposes as they are learning more through competitions where they go against other schools. These competitions are good practice for them to experience answering questions under pressure to become better at math as a whole and be exposed to other students who are in the same position as they are.

Moreover, they stay after school to help their peers with their homework or study for tests they may not be ready for. Students interested in after school tutoring on Tuesdays should go to Ms. Green’s room (117) on A days or Mr. Griffith’s room (116) on B days.

In addition, Griffith has big hopes for this club as well. “My goal is to get started and not just end with these students, but keep going because it is a prestigious club to be a part of. It can lead to many opportunities in the future and scholarships that hopefully students can take advantage of.” The hope is for students to gain more knowledge and use their abilities to help them in the future. Then colleges can see their talents and provide scholarship money or help them in the future.

If you’re a student who loves math and believes you can be an asset to this club, MAθ meets on the first and third Friday of the month in room 116.