Opinion: Hallway Etiquette – You’re Just a Nuisance


You’re just a nuisance. You contaminate everyone with frustration, irritating smells and overall dread. And there are multiple reasons for you to taint us. For the most part, it’s the way you are in the hallways.

First, and probably the one most universally agreed upon annoyance in the hallways, are the people that move like sloths. And while sloths are cute while moving slow, I can assure you, you are not. In fact, my impulsive thoughts might get the best of me should you continue with your theatrics. We already have a short amount of time getting from each class, so when you walk so slow in front of me while talking with your friend, I can’t go in front of you because, news flash, there are others coming the opposite direction, and it makes me want to bash my head against the wall.

Speaking of which, besides slow walkers in the hallway, we also have people who just block it. Maybe you think I can get past you but I really can’t. In fact, no one can get past you. Why not just be that ever bit more self aware and move before you get shoved one day? Talk with your friends on the side, somewhere where you aren’t a nuisance. Somewhere where I won’t have to squeeze past you as I try to get to class or my locker. Somewhere where you can talk freely without wondering why people are bumping into you. Somewhere where I can’t see your annoying face.

And it wouldn’t be as bad as it is if you did move when someone asked you to or you’d move when you notice you’re being annoying. But no, that almost never happens, usually people are too busy talking to their friends to notice they’re blocking the 3-foot-wide hallway.

Which also goes into another problem with the hallways. Why did the sophomores get the bigger hallway compared to that of the juniors and seniors? I believe first priority should be given to the seniors considering it’s their last year in high school, yet they are given such a small hallway. I remember being a sophomore and being glad I had the bigger hallway because moving through the Junior/Senior hallway was always such a frustrating experience. You barely have space to move in that hallway; the traffic is horrible. Yet, you have a huge main hallway that underclassmen are using? It’s probably for numbering reasons, as locker #1 is in the senior section of the hallway. Is that supposed to be representative of something? Still, the amount of frustration is honestly almost unfathomable. Again, we only have five minutes to get to each of our classes (excluding the 10-minute break) and it’s just such a hassle to get to.

Seriously, some of you are the reason shampoo has instructions. I thought it was a universal rule that the hallways should work like a road. The right side is the side you drive forward on, and oncoming traffic should be on your left. There is no reason why you should be on your left side. It’s just annoying. If we have such a flow on the streets as we did in the hallway, I think everyone would have a better time. Wouldn’t it just look so much neater and nicer too? It would.

But speaking of people individually, some people don’t make it anything better in life. People can be nasty and horrible and rude and unsympathetic in the hallway. If you bump into someone, try and say “excuse me” instead of moving along as if nothing happened. You did almost knock my things I was holding; it would’ve been nice if you’d said “Sorry.” I promise it makes everyone’s day brighter when you’re polite. Don’t make things harder than it has to be.

You would think it should be even, “unspoken kindness.” Consciously being aware that you are blocking people’s ways and just automatically moving out of the way because it’s the right thing to do. Not even having to have anyone say anything to you and just doing it. But this also pairs along with self-awareness, some people really just aren’t aware that they’re being annoying, some people do need to be told outright what they’re doing wrong.

And then there’s public displays of affection (PDA) couples. This might be a little controversial, so I’ll only divulge into it a bit. Hey? Maybe I don’t want to see you touching each other’s faces and being so lovey-dovey to the point it makes even your friends’ eyes bleed. It just piles onto everything I’ve said as well. It doesn’t make the hallway any more pleasant. Plus, you’re probably blocking the hallway. Stop blocking the hallway. You’ll probably break up within the month anyways.

There are probably a lot more things wrong in the hallway that I didn’t mention, though I feel these are the main issues. There is always a reason for bad things and you’ll have to point them out in order for them to change. To even think about changing! Let’s make our school year ever less miserable.