The D&D Club’s Demise


D&D club

Above is the flyer that was used to campaign for D&D’s campaign.

Students in the Charter halls are talking about the disappearance of the D&D club. After putting up countless flyers to advertise the club, they had rolled a d1 and their approval was revoked after the first meeting.

The D&D club is a place where students can go to play the game Dungeons and Dragons and make new friends who enjoy the game as well. Not only was the club focused on getting longtime D&D fans to join, but newer players as well.

“We had a lot of kids show up to the interest meeting,” former club adviser Jackson Alley said. “We have a lot of kids asking about the Dungeons and Dragons club, so I think the interest is there.”

Initially, the club was approved. But soon after, administration had concluded that the Geek Alliance, and the D&D club were too similar. In Geek Alliance, students are allowed to play different games and participate in activities similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

“We can’t have duplicate clubs. So, this new club was advised to join, if they wanted to, the Geek Alliance,” Student Activities Director Nicole Luicci said.

However, the members of the D&D club continue to make the point that while Geek Alliance does include the game, the D&D club is specifically for people who are interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons only. Since the D&D club is more focused on a single activity, many believe that this makes it different from the Geek Alliance.

“I think both clubs are different in their own way since Geek Alliance is more of an umbrella and covers a broad genre of things, and our club just mainly focuses on D&D,” former club president Azeera Rahman said.

Administration has recommended that the students that were interested in the D&D club join Geek Alliance. However, students wanted to join the D&D club specifically for the focus it had on D&D. Thus, students feeling a bit less enthusiastic about the Geek Alliance being their only option.

“I did [join Geek Alliance], but I think that a lot of people in our club just want something more focused on D&D. So, we wanted to make a club around that instead of joining Geek Alliance,” sophomore Braden Ranieri said.

While the approval for the club has been revoked, many students are hopeful for the future. “I think there might be a chance for it,” Ranieri said, “if we can prove our points correctly.”