Joining the Service


Hundreds of students pass through the hallways each day, and most of them don’t realize they have to choose a life path after they graduate. It’s a struggle for students to pick what they want to do for the rest of their lives when they are still just kids. However, some students know exactly what they want to do.

While some students want to go to college right away, some have other plans. “I want to get the benefits from going to the Coast Guard,” senior Killian O’Neill said. He plans to coach a travel baseball team when he gets out, and also wants to be a personal trainer since he has interests in working out and athletics. Joining the Coast Guard has many benefits, such as health care and family assistance.

In addition to the Coast Guard, some students want to join the Air Force. “I want to graduate as a second lieutenant in the Air Force,” senior Alana Browne said. She wants to attend the United States Air Force Academy, and has plans to become an officer and is striving to become one, as she’s not attending a traditional university.

Similar to the United States Air Force, some students may want to become a pilot. “I’ve wanted to become a pilot since I was 5,” junior Joseph Martinelli said. His first passion is baseball, and started playing baseball at age 6. His new passion is now being a pilot. However, Martinelli states that if he gets a college scholarship to play baseball, then he will go to college and play baseball and continue his athletic career.

These are just some of our high schoolers and what they want to do when they graduate. There are many other routes that students may take, and whether they go to college or not, most of them have big dreams and will end up being successful.