Opinion: You are never to old to enjoy the holiday season.


It’s Christmas time, the best time of the year.

There is a major difference between liking childish things and being childish.

Society has forced teenagers and pre-teenagers to grow up faster than they need to. When we were younger we used to love the Christmas season, not only for the time off school, but for the fun family traditions: making cookies for Santa, writing a Christmas list for Santa, and feeding the reindeers. All this has disappeared due to society. Teens are pressured by peers to act older to be “cool” but why isn’t it cool to do these things anymore. What changed?

Judgement. There is such extreme judgment from peers that is causing teens to be put into a box of what they can do and what they can’t do. “If you do something that people think is childish then they will just make fun of you and say you’re immature so it ruins the fun,” said senior Julia DiCaprio “I used to love doing those fun, childish Christmas traditions until people starting making fun of me and telling me I am too old to do stuff like that.”

Social Media. Everyone has social media, it’s where they post pictures and look at friends’ pictures. It’s all fake. Social media has become a place where you post, not just a picture, but your best, and maybe edited, picture. This also causes teens and
pre-teens to see it and feel the need to change.

“My Christmas list used to be Barbie dolls, games, toys, and stuffed animals but then I looked on TikTok for ideas and I saw those on no list. Instead, I saw makeup and cropped clothing. I would’ve never asked for that for Christmas, but I did since everyone else asked for it. I didn’t want to be the odd one out,” said freshman Lillia Conticello.

When will things change? Society needs to be more accepting towards one another, we need to change. Christmas time should be enjoyable. We shouldn’t be so worried about what others will think about a certain tradition and we shouldn’t be feeling like the odd one out for not doing the same traditions as others.