Not So Silent Night Turnout


On December 16th, the SGA held the Not So Silent Night. This event was held in the Senior parking lot with many different activities available. It lasted from 5:30 to 9:30 and was well organized.

The Not So Silent Night was going to be submitted to FAC by its committee in Leadership 2. The committee wanted to bring people together to help support and raise awareness for the homeless.

Gianna Weingard stated that her committee wanted to make a part 2 to a very successful event last year, Crazy Karaoke. She also stated that she feels like it was a great turn out and a lot of people participated.

As explained before, the event had many activities to offer. There was Face Painting, Corn Hole, Writing Cards to the Homeless, and even pictures with the Panther. Many concession tables were all around as well. Momentum, Encore, and Drama Club all made a special appearance at the event as well giving us all a spectacular show.

“I feel like a lot of people came, from outside the school and even middle schoolers, high schoolers there’s a mix of everyone,” said Julia Decaprio, the head chair of the Not So Silent Night committee.