M&Ms new packaging controversy


M&Ms has recently released a new limited edition packaging focused on the female M&Ms, using this as a way to support and donate to feminist organizations. M&Ms creating their new packaging and praising females that are “flipping the status quo” have sparked some controversy across America.

“To me, it doesn’t really seem like a bad thing,” commented sophomore Anthony Delgado. “It’s supporting something and it’s not like it’s trying to make something else seem bad”.

While some don’t see a problem with M&Ms decision to put the spotlight on their female ‘spokescandies’, others seem to be disturbed.

Self-proclaimed ‘Alpha Male’ Nick Adams is one of the many people who have expressed their distaste for the direction M&Ms has taken. “It is outrageous, it is disgusting, and it must not stand,” stated Adams.

Not many people are hesitating to express their opinion on the new packaging but many are wondering why such a controversy is coming from a candy company.

“I don’t know why M&Ms is trying to bring political issues into their stuff,” mentioned junior Eli Groothius, “Kids are the ones that eat it and it’s kind of an adult topic so it doesn’t really make sense.”

This has also led to concern from feminists, who question whether it is a genuine act in support or just another publicity stunt.

“I guess in some ways it can be helping the feminists,” senior Ashley Geary expressed. “Usually in M&M packaging it’s the male characters that are being shown. Now they are portraying the female characters on them, but that’s really it.”

But does this new M&Ms packaging deserve all the hype? While many see this as an issue that needs to be discussed, some just don’t seem to understand why it needs to be talked about.

“I think people are being very extra about it,” said sophomore Isabella Barrera. “If it was more impactful, then I would understand the attention it’s getting.”