Crazy Cambridge Schedules


This past week, the Cambridge test dates were released. Many students realized that they would be taking 2-3 tests in one day.

Students are upset about this. They are worried they will forget things while taking other Cambridge exams. Junior Abigail Kaplan has her environmental, U.S history, and English AICE exams in one day. ”This is not good at all because it’s really stressful to have tests back-to-back. That’s half of my AICE classes in one day…it’s a lot.”

Some students are having to rearrange their testing schedules because their tests are at the same time. Junior Hannah Manger is taking psychology and global perspectives–both tests overlap. Hannah says, “I feel awful about this. It gives me no time in between tests to take a minute to myself.”

When asking what she was going to do to prepare in between tests she said, “I’m going to make notecards for in between the two tests and look over them so that I am refreshed on the subject of the test I’m going to be taking.”

Although there is not much time in between the tests to refresh, there is still plenty of time to prepare for these Cambridge tests as some of them do not even begin until April. “The best advice I can give you is to start studying now! Establish a schedule now that you know the dates of the test and study at least four days out of the week, look at past exam questions…and the night before the test get lots of rest, if you’ve studied properly you won’t need to study in between tests on the actual day,” said AICE U.S. history teacher Charles Spence.