Charter Music Scene 3: Alanna


Maurer is a freshman. Her stage name is []. She’s been into music for 10 years.

How long have you been producing music?

I probably got started when I was 4 years old, I loved to sing and I would always write my thoughts down in a journal. I ended up just creating tracks on a piano and put a little guitar to it which always helped me pursue all my emotions and feelings. I enjoyed knowing how people listened to it and could relate to it.

Would you consider yourself “popular” amongst your peers?

I wouldn’t consider myself popular but I did show some friends a song and they sent it to their friends and it kinda just went around and one day I heard someone humming it and that was cool.

Favorite Sample-Sharing Services?


Favorite Song You’ve Made?

My favorite song is called “Never Gonna See you Again” which was about my Uncle. He was murdered in February and recently I had been missing him and so I wrote a song about him.

Favorite Piece of Music Gear?

My Laptop, I can use all sorts of [Virtual] equipment on it.

Favorite Musicians?

Lin-Manuel Miranda. He’s a lyrical genius.

What’s your general process when you sit down to make a song?

Take ideas, record them in voice memos. Take that recording and build something around the idea. Find what sounds I need and make a song.