Opinion: Cool Down on the Dress Code


Recently, staff has become stricter at enforcing the dress code here at CSCS. The way we wear our uniforms is “too distracting and inappropriate.” This interferes with many ways students confidently wear their uniforms.

Most public schools allow students to wear basically whatever they want. Our school on the other hand is a uniform school, meaning we have to come to school everyday dressed in clothes purchased at the school store. As a charter school, there are going to be more expectations than any average school; however, that shouldn’t mean we walk through the entrance everyday looking boring and awkward.

Rolling up shorts, wearing quarter zips without polos underneath, and not bringing your student ID are some of the many dress code violations we see at our school. The consequence of being caught is often detention. Being forced to stay after school just for not wearing clothes the way administration chooses is a bit extreme. Especially when staff pick and choose who they will and won’t report. Many students don’t agree with the limitations and consequences set around the dress code. This is to an extent, however, as many students do test the limits.

Tenth-grade student Madelyn Katz thinks that there should be some restrictions. She expressed her opinions on the school shorts. “It really depends on how much the shorts are rolled-up. Having slightly rolled up shorts isn’t a big deal. But when the shorts are barely visible, that is more of a problem that should be addressed by the staff,” said Katz.

“I don’t see a problem right now with how people wear their uniforms,” said sophomore Riley Ployd. “It doesn’t take away from my education or anybody else’s.”

Some kids find themselves more comfortable with slight alterations and modifications to their uniforms. There is a small variety of clothing to purchase in the school store, meaning not everyone is going to fit into the clothes to their liking. For many, it’s a matter of shorts being too long or loose on their legs. With the limits on how we are allowed to wear our uniforms, students aren’t allowed to modify their attire. This makes rule followers feel confined in uniforms they don’t fit quite right in.

Nia, a freshman, stated, “Students should be able to alter the clothing to some extent. It allows many people to feel better in the uniforms they have to wear. As long as you can tell it’s our school’s uniform I don’t see any problem with minor differences in how clothes look.”