Why did I even go?


There’s a fine line between “It’s a date!” and there actually being a date. “It’s a date” is a phrase people say after asking someone out, even if they don’t even like the person. Whether or not it actually happens is up for discussion.

The buildup of excitement and anticipation is exhilarating for teenagers as well as adults. “I was let down at a restaurant waiting for the girl to show up and she didn’t and that was the worst…. I waited for two hours,” said Facilities Manager Vincent Ruiz.

However this applies to heteronormative couples as well. “This kid asked me out to the movies and I was very prepared. I had my money and I was ready, literally two seconds about to walk out the door and this freaking guy texted me and he was like ‘Oh I’m sorry my sister can’t take me so i can’t go anymore’ And I literally had canceled on all my friends that day and i was left stranded,” said junior Jayda Lozano.

But oftentimes the person who was asked out is let down.

I met a blind date at dinner and things were definitely not hitting off she was talking about family and kids being a first date and when the check came i realized i had left my wallet in the car so i was going to go get my wallet but she insisted on paying and i felt terrible because i had no intention on seeing her for a second date,” said Physics and Forensics teacher Ryan Pinney.

Expectations that lead to nowhere are caused by people’s lack of thinking, and consideration. “We went to the movies. We spent the day together and the next day I found out he cheated on me,” said sophomore Aleah Accaio.

While the stigma has changed, it can be safely said that the feeling of being let down can also happen with people you barely know. “We barely knew each other. We made plans for this date. Right before we were supposed to meet up, he texted me that his car broke down and he needs a ride,” said History teacher Shannon Wilde.

“We go to the restaurant and we have our dinner, and I’m going through the motions because it was horrible. Then it gets to the check and he’s like, ‘Well I don’t actually have the money’, so I had to pay for it. I drove him home and I ghosted him after,” said Wilde.

Now, what has been gathered? That the idea of romance has inevitably went down the drain and that both men and women are equally horrible at dates. So much so that it’ll have you questioning, “Why did I even go?”