We are an eclipse

The trappings of comfort release me,
A feverish obsession overcomes.
Eyes heavy, hands shaking,
Swallow hard the pellet that is life.

A cold sweat,
Incomplete conversations.
Time slipping,
The wrinkles increase,
The self begins to lose.

Never enough is this,
Never enough will it be.
No cavity exists which,
Can hold what I bear.

No such cavity I find in you,
Only sweetness, softness.
Love exists in every,
sliver of your being.

Beside me,
We’re an eclipse.
Dark and cold,
Warm and bright.

Our contrast is present,
But recently we’ve begun to blur.

“You and I are the same” you comfort,
No my love, please let my hollowed being be hollow,
Filling it with yourself will be a waste.

Instead, let me lie here,
Know that I’ve been with you,
That I’ve seen you,
That I know you.