Spring Training: the MLB season opens


Spring training is coming up for the MLB. All teams come together and play games before the actual season starts.

Spring Training season starts on February 24th and runs until opening day on March 30th. Also, Spring Training is used for minor league prospects to come up and perform for a Major League spot. For current MLB players, they come out and get the rust off from the off season.

New players that were on different teams that either got traded or were signed out of free agency get a chance to show for their new team. “I’m extremely excited about baseball starting back up. It’s the best time of the year, period,” said freshman Luke Snider. “My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Rays, and I can’t wait to watch them play.”

These teams play on “Spring Training fields,” which are minor league fields, but they play on them during the spring training season. “I am going to watch the Washington Nationals during spring training,” said sophomore Marcelo Young. “They aren’t my favorite team, but it’s just cool to watch these young and current players play.”

“I like spring training, but the actual season is the real deal. Gets more intense. But nice to see some young studs out there against some Major League guys. I’m excited to see the players who got picked up by different teams play. Interesting to see how they do in a new atmosphere.” said sophomore Julien Spinola.