Bathrooms Locked During 10-Minute Break


Dylan stolov

The door is locked

The bathrooms are locked during the ten minute break and in between classes. Groothuis said this about them “a small percentage of students think the bathrooms are a place for drugs and taboo use.”

Some students and teachers are unhappy about the change because this causes kids to leave class more often for the bathroom. They believe it disrupts teachers’ lessons. “I feel like I need to use the bathroom and I can’t,” said freshman Rodney Chung.

Other students agree with Chung. ”It affects my learning because I need to go during class instead of the ten minute break,” said senior David Austin.

However, not all students are affected by the new regulations. “It doesn’t matter to me if they are locked or not because I like to have a snack during the break,” said junior Izzy Trejo.

According to Groothuis, “as soon as students stop thinking school is a game of cat and mouse, we will open them up for everyone to use.”