Pets: Cute but time-consuming!


Pets are amazing, but owning a pet can have a significant impact on your daily schedule, as it does require a great amount of time and effort.

Balancing things like school, homework, and sports while trying to find time to take care of your pet can be a struggle. It is common for high-schoolers to have new pets, but it becomes hard to take care of them with everything else going on at once. Especially for those who are taking care of younger animals.

For me and my family, it has become a great challenge for all of us. We recently became the owners of 2 puppies for my family of 5, and there is absolutely no break involved with them. Over the summer, it was easier as there was no school and barely any sports going on. But now it’s like a never-ending cycle and you can’t do anything about it. It gets frustrating when things don’t go the way you want and you get tired.

It’s been hard with me and my sister as we’ve had to wake up at 4 am most times when first getting them. School and sports are especially rough when your’re tired 24/7 from taking care of them in their baby stage. Although we can never compare this to taking care of actual babies because that’s much harder. The thing about school is you’re away most of the day. Most people have sports after school or maybe an hour after it ends. But nevertheless it’s hard to go home, get homework done, eat dinner, shower, and try to get you and your pet to bed.

But, having a pet relieves a great amount of stress that most would originally have. That’s why most people get pets to enjoy taking care of something and give their love to. It’s like having a little best friend that sits and plays with you. Schedules will be all over the place and you’ll always have to try and find time to do things on your own. It’s truly a great responsibility but always worth it to have a little friend.