Netflix is losing its chill


Credit: Michael Potuck

Recently, Netflix has been playing with one idea that has monthly buyers quite upset. As you know, Netflix is known for letting subscribers have multiple people under one account. Whether you share it amongst friends or families, whether you are in the same household or not, it did not matter, only one person had to pay for the subscription and that was the beauty of it. Well, It is not so beautiful anymore.

Password sharing is Netflix’s “biggest enemy.” Netflix has stated that password sharing is cutting down on its ability to invest in “great new TV and films.” Now, Netflix is implicating many regulations in order to nip their problem in the bud. As everyone knows many apps keep track of any personal information you give them, and most importantly your IP address. An IP address serves two functions: network interface identification and addressing where you live. Netflix is just like any other app. It stores your IP and up until now, they didn’t really do anything with it.

However, now, it is being used. In order to stop this password sharing from happening. Netflix is tracking everyone’s IP address and seeing if it matches up to the primary buyer’s account. So, if your child was off and away in another state for whatever reason, or your grandparents don’t live with you and they no longer live with the Netflix provider, they’ll no longer be able to use said Netflix account and would have to pay for their own subscription. They aren’t just stopping at IP addresses in order to check whether your device is associated to the buyer’s. They are checking account activity and device IDs as well.

“I think it’s stupid because people who are in college or working out of the country wouldn’t be able to watch and would have to pay for their own account,” said junior Brianna Gerbic.

Netflix has implicated this new policy in many countries including, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. They’re even lowering their standard prices in order to tame the crowd. What Netflix isn’t understanding is how convenient their system was, and now they are tearing it all down. The people aren’t happy, and lowering prices will do minimal to fix the damage.

Netflix, fix your issues with the movie options before worrying about who is sharing what.