Mamma Mia Review

Throughout February 23rd to the 25th our school’s theater has presented us with yet another play. This spring play was based on the one and only Mamma Mia Musical from 2008. The highschool cast and crew put a great amount of time and hard work into pulling it off.

The play was roughly 2-3 hours and many came to see. Opinions going around school agree on the fact that the opening night was the best and that closing night was the most emotional. Most of the cast was Seniors and this would be their last production. It finally hit everyone on closing night as they would finally leave Charter.

With the plays being performed, much older audiences would attend to see their children, friends, etc. The whole play was very interesting as most have not even watched the movie. Everyone was entertained by all the jokes.

The story follows a girl named Sophie and her mother named Donna. She is soon to be married as her mother is single handedly running a hotel and preparing for her wedding. Behind her back Sophie invites three men from her mothers past in hope of finding out who her real father is and have him give her away on her big day.

All that came to the play most definitely enjoyed it. Everyone laughed and had a good time throughout the play. There were many funny parts that got everyone dying laughing. Especially the ending with the kissing scenes that got everyone screaming.

I can’t really say they could’ve done anything else. I look forward to seeing how the younger part of the cast does in the years to come. The play truly was a great one and the cast and crew really did an awesome job. They definitely gave it their all.