The Perfect Getaway


The Little Coffee Shoppe allows for a relaxing time to study and prepare for upcoming exams.

Exams are around the corner and it is important to be prepared instead of slacking off. There are many facilities located short distances from the school that have many advantages to carry out a great study session. Accessibility, quality, and sufficiency are important factors to consider when looking for the perfect getaway to ensure preparedness.

The Little Coffee Shoppe

The Little Coffee Shoppe is the first place that allows for a great study session. To start, you are greeted with a cozy, heart-warming feeling due to the décor, architecture, and music. The café offers a variety of coffees and foods to enjoy while catching up with a friend or studying for school. In addition, the travel from the school to the café is 1.7 miles resulting in an eight minute drive. This could present an issue for those who aren’t able to get a ride or can’t drive themselves because it would take quite some time to walk to the café.

The products the café offers includes a variety of drinks such as lattes, cold brews, teas, and other specialty drinks as well as different food choices to fuel the mind during a study session. It is important to notice the quality and time put into their products to give the best experience such as staff serving goods to the table for dine-in, fully stocked condiments on each table, cleanliness, and even frozen coffee cubes used in their cold brew coffees to prevent a watered-down drink.

The price is exceptional for the quality product you receive. The café includes an area separate to the main seating area for guests who want to utilize the space to study. This separate area includes plenty of table space and seating for all the tools and studying materials that might be used during a session. Furthermore, this area limits the sound of the music and foot traffic that might be present in the shop while still keeping the comfortable setting as seen throughout the café.

Taking time management into consideration, the shop is open until five o’ clock in the afternoon on weekdays allowing students to visit with plenty of time to finish work and study since the school releases at two thirty five. Regarding the foot traffic at the café, there is very little even while visiting right when school closes. Overall, taking travel, sufficiency, price, quality, and time management into consideration, the Little Coffee Shoppe is a perfect candidate for the best study spot.

Dandee Donut Factory

The next spot where you can go to have a study session is Dandee Donut Factory. This café is similar to some chain restaurants regarding what goods are served and the efficiency.

To start, this café offers many food and drink options to enjoy while studying including specialty coffees and teas, breakfast options, and gourmet donuts and pastries. The Dandee Donut Factory serves quality products to there customers in contrast to their competitors. Regarding location, if you were to travel by car from the school to the café it would be 3.6 miles and about a ten minute car ride. Similarly to the Little Coffee Shoppe, this could present an issue to those students who aren’t able to get someone to take them or can’t drive themselves.

This café includes a spacious area that includes many tables and seating to facilitate a great study session. Further, this café has limited distractions such as quiet music, little traffic, and a spacious area to limit interactions with other customers. Regarding the foot traffic around and in the café, there are many schools located near the café who release at a similar time as our school in addition to the busy road right outside.

Despite these imperfections, the café has very limited people coming in and out as well as hardly noticeable car motion. These factors allow students who study here to keep their focus on their work rather than being distracted by outside subjects. Taking time management into consideration, this café is open 24-hours a day allowing students to come by anytime after school ends to study or finish school work. The Dandee Donut Factory tends to student benefit as it correlates with a student schedule and overall includes many advantageous factors to supply those who visit with a sufficient and productive study session.


Another spot to carry out a good study session is the library. The library is easily accessible to all students as it is attached to the school and can get there within minutes. Even though the library lacks goods to sell, there are tons of informational books about topics students learn in school.

In addition, if you want to continue studying at home with a book from the library, they make it easy to set up library cards to take books home for a certain period of time. Being able to use information that is incorporated in the studying area makes for a sufficient study session. The library offers many amenities to students such as quiet areas, singular closed off desks, and tons of table space and seating to cater to all materials that may be needed during a session.

These factors result in the ability for students to stay focused on learning and remembering material without all of the distractions. During the weekdays, the library is open until six or seven in the afternoon allowing students enough time to finish school work or studying.

However, since the library is attached to the school, many other students go to the library right when school lets out, creating a huge crowd. This could interfere with focus during a session due to student distraction. The library is a great getaway to study considering the small travel, accessibility, and great amenities.

Barnes and Noble

Lastly, Barnes and Noble allows for a great study session to take place. Similar to the library, Barnes and Noble is very accessible to students as it isn’t even a mile from the school. Students would have to make the short travel of a ten minute walk from the school.

Barnes and Noble has many advantages including quiet areas to study and many informational books to purchase to assist in understanding school material. Though it seems like it would be a popular spot for students to study, foot traffic is low and many people who visit respect others intentions of studying or reading. This makes engagement levels increase because of limited distractions.

However, Barnes and Noble somewhat lacks table space and seating as there are limited spots but despite this issue, this place has the potential to carry out a sufficient study session.

Further, this location is open until nine in the afternoon which correlates well with a student’s schedule.

Barnes and Noble offers a quiet, distraction free area to bring out textbooks to review and study. Barnes and Noble also has the advantage of having reliable sources from books available to purchase to encourage and assist in readiness for the upcoming midterms.