The New Way to Experience Movies

Movie theaters are constantly changing and experimenting with new ways to keep the audience on their toes. One way they did it is by introducing 4D movie theaters.

4D movie theaters deliver an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience.

While on the pricier side, about 036;30 dollars per person, 4D movie theaters are truly enjoyable if you are an avid movie fan who wants to be taken to the world inside your favorite movie. Recently, I watched Avatar: The Way of the Water in 4D and it was worth every penny.

They call it a 4D movie theater because it is in 3D but you are also able to smell, feel, and hear the different aspects going on in the movie. For example, in Way of the Water whenever the scene was set to go underwater, it would smell salty and we would be splashed with water. It was amazing.

Not only that but the seats move as well. During the fighting scenes on places such as the boats, the seats would move to mimic what the characters would be feeling at the point and time.

There’s never a dull moment in any movie if you do it 4D. The best movie genre to watch in 4D is action, however, horror could potentially be a close second.

4D movie theaters are continuing to gain popularity and so deservedly so. If the movie you’re anticipating is coming out soon, look for your nearest movie theater that shows it in 4D. You will not be disappointed.