Headphones or Nah: Do You Work Better With or Without Headphones


Carter Wojcik

Anton Fornier

Headphones are a big thing in schools and are used for calming or vibing purposes. Headphones been around since 1891, invented by a French engineer named Ernest
Mercadier, who made the first recorded version of an in-ear headphone. Now with new technology we have bluetooth headphones which connect to your cellular device without a plug-in.

Headphones have grown over time and can help students, bring their stress level down some notches, and get some work done for their classes. Headphones are being used all over the world in schools and being used to help with work. However, other students prefer to just not listen to anything and be silent workers. Students were asked at Coral Springs Charter School if they prefer headphones or not while working in class.

“I work better with headphones because I feel like it helps me focus on my work and get things done,” said sophomore Julien Spinola. He gave positive feedback on how headphones help him get his work done. “His grades improved more while listening to music and his work stress levels were significantly lower when listening to music,” said Spinola. His school life has gone up hill when listening to music and he has improved as an overall student.

“I work better without headphones because it helps me thrive in my writing but when I do regular work I listen to music to block out surrounding sound,” said sophomore Emmanuel Matos. He gave a bold statement about how he likes to use headphones but he also likes to work in silence as well. His writing improved more when he was in silence than listening to music. However, his work and grades improved while listening to music with his headphones. Emmanuel’s stress from school has gone down, and he is now an active student at Coral Springs Charter.

From what these students said, everybody has different opinions about using headphones in school and it shows feedback on what that student likes. It shows results on when they listen and what it does to help their mental state. Headphones have positive effects, but also negative effects like not paying attention to teachers or just ignoring them. However, students have better results with their work and mental state in school and can strive to become hard workers.