Antman Review


WARNING: This review has spoilers

In my opinion, this movie lived up to my expectations. I’m a rather big marvel fan. This movie being part of the Ant-man trilogy already gave me high expectations. Ant-man is a fan favorite because of the way Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang. The humor he brings is pretty much unmatched. Even when faced with a literal all powerful being threatening his life he still has quick remarks.

One of the reasons I rank this movie as highly as I do is because of the characters they introduce. First off, they introduce MODOK (Mechanized, Organism, Designed, Only, for Killing). Though they made him a humorous character, I liked how Cassie reacted to him when she first saw him. Her eyes immediately filled with tears as she realized he was the “Bee Guy,” as she calls him. It was very small but I loved the attention to detail there.

The fact that she has so much PTSD from this guy and that it didn’t just disappear was very realistic. They also introduced a lot of variants of Kang the Conqueror. Another small attention to detail was that they appeared in the same portal form of transportation as Mr. Fantastic in Multiverse Of Madness. This actually makes sense because Kang is a descendant and related to Mr. Fantastic in the comic books, so that link to the books made me excited.

Many people have been making fun of Cassie saying her only lines were “DAD” then running, I get that to an extent, however I really liked her. I think she brought much to the table. I hope to see her in Young Avengers. She is sassy and sarcastic and really embodies the teenage sarcasm and cockiness when faced with a problem.

I was going to say the way that he plays being a father is moving as seen in all the other marvel movies he’s been in. She would do just about anything for his daughter. He wouldn’t just save the world, but he would sacrifice it for his daughter.

If you are a fan of Star Wars and Marvel, this is the movie for you. The characters and graphics in these movies are incredibly similar. As well as certain scenes, like the classic as seen in the trailer Cantina scene.

The movie also uses a new form of green screen, which really seems to work for them and it looks quite impressive. The system uses screens in advanced lighting as opposed to the usual green screen wall. The movie also featured two end credits in typical vague, Marvel fashion.

The first time I saw this movie, I saw it in standard viewing however, the second time I saw it in a Ford experience with water spray and smoke. It was incredibly immersive.