The Power I Hold Over You

It terrifies me to no end the amount of hatred spilling out of this state each day. At this point, I have to ask, how far are they willing to go?

Because by “they”, I of course mean our governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

There is a true malice behind what he is doing. Does he believe that gay people are indoctrinating our kids? Surely, anyone reasonable would assume not right? Someone who’s sitting at the governor position couldn’t possibly think that. Does he think that permitless carry will make our streets safer? That taking up arms with Disney will benefit Floridians in any way?

I believe he’s doing this purely for political gain and attention. He wants to make it known that he’s doing things such as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” banning Tiktok in university and college campuses, banning books he doesn’t like, making it easier for people to have access to weapons, and fighting the most capitalist cooperation to exist. He wants to divide people and he wants people to be angry.

Yet at the same time, he wants people to stay at an arm’s distance from him. While most Floridians in fact, do not vote and are considered independent. The ones who do vote specifically for him, and he knows it.

But just how far is he willing to go?

Throughout my time on TikTok, I have seen it all. Weird challenges, dances, delusion people who think interacting 3x will make their crush look at them back in the hallway.

Recently, I’ve been filled with tiktoks about Florida. Other people have found our state delusional. People absolutely questioning Florida’s legislation, specifically Ron DeSantis himself.

I watched people’s reactions evolve from ‘this is weird’ to ‘this is insane’. It was following all the other ‘weird laws’ in other states such as Texas.

And let me be completely clear, ‘weird legislation’ is an understatement to what these states are actually doing.

Still, they have become more unhinged as time passes by. Rapidly.

The don’t say gay bill was passed last year but only included K-3. The defense was that little kids don’t need to be learning about sexuality, they don’t need to be “indoctrinated”. Now, it has covered all of elementary, middle, and high school. Even adults who are in high school won’t be able to talk about sexuality. This happened in a little over a year apart from each other, going by so fast no one could even blink.

Is he protecting children? Or simply trying to rile people up? Knowing many would be angry over these laws.

Certain classes were banned as well. What good is it to ban AP African American History? What good does it do to ban gender studies? What good is it to ban any of these classes? Why does he care so much?

And for the hundredth time, I will say it, he wants to make people angry.

He has been seemingly unstoppable with the things he has been getting passed, the things he has been saying and the things he says he will do.

It has made me question how he values other people’s lives. When talking to my peers, many of them have said they feel uneasy with everything going on in the political climate when it comes to his “stand against wokeness,” even people who try and stay away from politics. They’ve considered even their college plans to revolve around it, wanting to go out of state or not go to certain colleges because of these issues we’re having in Florida.

It was all rapid fire until now. With it all coming to a halt with Disney now in the mix. If there is one thing you don’t do when trying to rile people up, is start beef with a mega corporation.

If Americans will rally for anything in this country, it will be the inability to be a consumer. Taking away big bad capitalist Disney simply because they spoke out against the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’ is nothing more than a death sentence.

While it is a sigh of relief to see a bump in the road for Governor Ron Desantis. It is only a bump as of right now. He has continued his campaign despite Disney and the amount of people not on his side.

With his continuous descent into “anti-wokeness”, those of us that he has targeted as of late; students, teachers, LGBT people, POC people, etc. It is a worry that will not be able to be ignored by anyone any longer.