Au revoir bonne chance Madame Francis


“I became a teacher because I love the interaction I have with students,” said Madame Nicole Bellande-Francis, a French teacher with a long history at CSCS.

She has worked in the Language Department for 12 years now, this year as the Department Chair, and is planning to go on a newer path.

“I have a few things planned. I’m trying to get into the fashion business; but nothing is set in stone yet, so I will take a little bit of time to figure it out but I’ve loved fashion all my life.”

Throughout the years that she has worked here, she has not only taught and changed the lives of students, but the students have done the same for her.

“I was taught a lot by my students. They taught me how to understand technology and they opened my eyes, and helped me learn patience.”

Despite how much time she has been here, the bittersweet feeling of her leaving will impact the students at Charter.

“She’s been here for a good portion of my life here at Charter. Ever since I was in middle school, and even now when I’m about to graduate. She’s the person you can always go to. She’s the person who you could talk to for 5 minutes when in reality it would be two hours,” said junior Christoopher Gayle.

She appreciates the way Charter is structured and is grateful at how she was given the opportunity to learn more about herself and her way of teaching.

“Working here at Charter has been a good experience. I can’t think of anything bad, especially since there is no cookie-cutter way of teaching. I’ve always been given the freedom to teach my own style. “

As a teacher, Madame Francis has encountered hardships.

“I have seen some students struggle, and that has affected me personally”

But she has also faced fears through new challenges.

“My favorite memory was introducing one of my past students as Salutatorian. I am not good at public speaking, but I was pushed to do so. I think that while on stage I saw black, I heard nothing, but it was a good memory “

“I am going to miss the everyday interactions because I love my students.”

“A piece of advice that I would give to my students is make little mistakes, not big ones. Big ones affect your life, while little mistakes you can get over. ”

With all that has been said, the students of Charter will wish you one last thing:

Au revoir, bonne chance Madame Francis