Food Review: Falafel Gourmet


Falafel Gourmet is in a little shopping district in Turtle Crossing, 4344 FL-7, Coral Springs, FL 33073. The place is a mix of a restaurant and grocery store with Mediterranean products/food. Inside of the restaurant is small but feels cozy, when we entered the worker was very kind and helped us with the menu options. 

 Their environment is surrounded with all types of trinkets like snacks, sweets and other miscellaneous things like beans and teas. The menu isn’t on display, but the sweets are on display, near a small table to sit down at. You could enjoy your food sitting outside because they provide seats near the restaurant door. Customer service is slow due to only one worker in the front. You get to pay after eating your food, however ordering to go must be paid beforehand which was nice. There is no silverware, so you have to pick up any loose food with your hands.


I had ordered the falafel wrap, when taking the first bite it was hot and very crunchy. The food was presented very neatly, the falafel wrap comes with two wraps and tahini sauce on the plate, the wraps are easy to eat but the food inside did fall out sometimes. The worker had offered us drinks but I got water. All the ingredients go well together and really makes the wrap tasty.

The ingredients were hummus, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pickles, turnips, fresh parsley, fresh mint, & tahini sauce wrapped in warm pita. The after taste was a small spicy taste but after that it didn’t have any other taste. I didn’t get to finish my wrap, so we had the option to take it to go. I would rate the falafel wrap a 4 out of 5.


Upon consuming the lamb falafel wrap, my initial observations were intriguing. The flavor profile consisted of a combination of sweet and salty. The texture of the dish was crunchy on the exterior and chewy on the interior. The brittle pieces of the wrap were prone to falling off, leading to minor disruptions. Our peer also commented on the dish’s messiness. The size of the wraps was suitable for a satisfying lunch portion. The background music provided a charming ambiance, enhancing my overall experience. I rate the lamb falafel wrap a 3 out of 5. 

Some bites exhibited an unusual taste, potentially due to the presence of beets, which I do not particularly enjoy. The crumbs were challenging to remove from my hands. In comparison, the regular falafel wrap outshone the lamb in my opinion. The tahini sauce fused with the ingredients of the wrap, making it a cohesive dish. I give the regular falafel wrap a rating of 4 out of 5. The regular falafel wrap held together better and had less messiness. It was also more manageable to consume. If I may suggest, it should be to provide utensils, as I had to use my hands to pick up the broken pieces and had remnants beneath my nails. 


In conclusion, Falafel Gourmet is a cozy and unique spot for Mediterranean food and products in Coral Springs, FL. The restaurant provides delicious falafel wraps with a combination of flavors and textures. The service is slow due to limited staff, and customers have to use their hands to eat as utensils are not provided. The environment is decorated with various trinkets, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Overall, Falafel Gourmet is an excellent choice for those looking for tasty Mediterranean food in a snug and distinctive setting.